Project design

Helps to identify the problems, formulate the goals, activities and indicators, think of hidden obstacles and create solutions.


Conducts needs assessment, assessment of program theory, assessment of program process, impact assessment und efficiency assessment.

Mainstreaming Cross-cutting Issues

Mainstreams gender, environment or human rights and democratisation.


Provide support in fundraising of good ideas.


Provides training of anything listed above.





Ministry of Interior, Hungary

Ministry of Interior, Moldova

Ministry of Interior, Romania

Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic

Ministry of Interior, Poland

Federal Office for Migration, Switzerland

Danijela Gehrke-Srbic

I am an independent consultant living in Vienna, Austria. My professional background comprises eight years of experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of migration related projects, with special emphasis on trafficking in human beings, migration and development, (re)integration and return.

In my view, migration is about crossing boundaries. Personal, geographic as well as conceptual ones. Thus, thinking about migration shall be thinking across and beyond boundaries too: interdisciplinary and participatory.

My diverse educational background and my real-life experience as a refugee just add to this conviction. This is also where my innovative capacity rests upon.

I have studied Comparative Literature, Languages and Sociology at the Universities of Vienna, Prague and Saarbrücken.


Danijela Gehrke-Srbic
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Grosse Pfarrgasse 23/6, 1020 Wien
Tel: +4369911146404

Medieneigentümerin: Danijela Gehrke-Srbic, Grosse Pfarrgasse 23/6, 1020 Wien, Tel: +4369911146404,